I'm the one and only Sem Makata.

I would like to be seen as a designer who is an expert in typography. I always get super excited when working on typographic projects, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do other design forms. When you work with me, you’ll find that I’m honest—I always have a clear opinion, and I’ll share it —but I’ll always try my best to give my opinion respectfully. I’ve come to embrace the term ‘loud introvert.’ I once heard a public speaker describe himself as a loud introvert and since then it stuck to me, as it accurately captures my dynamic personality. While I find comfort in quiet moments, I thrive in social settings. I even add a touch of humor by acknowledging my infectious laughter. It’s all part of what makes me uniquely me. I’m a Dutch designer, and I’m interested in working together. If you’re looking for a designer who’s passionate about typography, please don’t hesitate to contact me in English or Dutch.

My journey through self-education.

Books i have read.

  • Grid systems
  • Jan Tschichold and New Typography
  • Feck Perfuction
  • Start with why
  • The brand gap
  • Zag
  • The Seven Habits of Effective Leadership
  • The Psychology of Persuasion
  • This is marketing
  • The Win Without Pitching Manifesto
  • Klant Gerichtheid

Courses i followed.

  • The Futur: Typography 01
  • The Futur: Logo Design 01
  • The Futur: Stylescapes
  • The Futur: Lettering
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